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Thread: Wrong rad?

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    Wrong rad?

    Ordered a '94/'95, 2 row aluminum rad and what I got is a "wide" (1-1/4" thick core) single row. They say it's equivalent and used in high horsepower applications.

    Now, in Canada, my options are more limited, just finding someone to willing to ship up here. And I really want to get this fixed before the warm weather.

    What to do?

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    I got an aluminum radiator off of ebay and it is a single row but the tubes are twice as big and wide as the 2 row type I took off. It's well made and works beautifully, runs much cooler than the stock rad. Only problem is it's made in China.
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    Not a problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Puckett View Post
    Only problem is it's made in China.
    1/2 the stuff in your car was made in China. You've already gotten used to it, those goods have served you well and there's no reason to complain now
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    I personaly would like a "good" quality single row, vs a crappy 2 row anyway.. Larger passages, larger fins, more heat removed.

    Just my thought.

    Now if you find a "good" tow row who knows..

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