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    Hey guys,

    I own a 2000 Mustang. I originally had it cammed, longtubes, exhaust, windstar, 4.10s/tlok, and tuned blah blah blah..

    Well I ran into a few engine problems so I decided to go with my 89 super coupe motor I had bought a few weeks before for a second project. I currently am about to throw this motor in but it does not have the forged internals and all the goodies. I have been buying a lot of extra accessories for this motor but have not gotten to the short block yet. I also do know I need either a return style fuel system or fab this fuel rail to not run return style.

    Would it be a good idea to run 94-95 rods? I am on a tighter budget right now
    What I have for this motor.
    90mm Maf
    75mm throttle body
    Valve springs
    Magnum pushrods
    95 mustang timing cover
    Slightly Ported heads
    New valves
    3300 stall
    In need of
    42# Injectors

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    Its doesnt have enough to worry about the rods. When you start upgrading the SC then you can worry about the rods.

    Have an 89 engine with MPX SC 25% Over Driven and no worries. Although going back to 15% just because of the heat issue from the SC.

    ARP head studs with MLH gaskets would be a worth investment.
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    Well I'm building the motor to last and don't have to tear it out again. I am thinking of going another route with the supercharger since it needs to be rebuild anyways

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