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    New to the form

    Hi all, just got myself a supercoupe a few days ago, love it already..

    my father has a 85 TC which always wanted my to buy one so finally the day came.

    so I managed to pick up a all stock, black 90 35th anniversary with only 120xxx k's (yes i live in canada lol) with an auto, thats almost mint, which I purchased off the elderly original owner, who was anal retentive on keeping every receipt for the car (lucky for me) even down to the windshield wipers and bulbs.

    So i have now come to the delema on what todo with the car.
    I have been thinking about a making a cold air, and getting ether a 5% or 10% overdrive pulley and pulling the cat/resonator and muffler and running a quiet flow-master.

    Now one of my many questions is, what pulley I should get, I have heard that the 10% are more prone to blow head-gaskets without headers?

    Also what are your opinions on chips, looking at the one from super-coupe pref.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Great site by the way!

    Cheers, Jeremy.
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    Welcome to the family! There is so much info here as well as wonderful guys and gals to help you do whatever it is you want to achieve. Use the search option and read up on the mods others have tried in the past. Good luck!
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    Do what you want with the car. If you decide to modify it just keep all the original parts that way you can return it to stock if you want to later on.

    The very first thing you should do before any other mod is open up the exhaust. Either get or have built a good set up for the year of your SC or you could get the late model fuel tank which allows for a less restrictive exhaust. The early Thunderbirds, SC's & LX's, exhaust has a huge bend in the pipe that takes it around the drivers side of the fuel tank. The late model Thunderbirds, 94 to 97, have a straight through system. You can install the late model tank in the early cars. and you can upgrade the fuel pump while switching out the tank.

    Good Luck & Welcome.
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    Oh goodie, there goes another mint original SuperCoupe down the drain.
    Gotta love the youngsters making mine even more rare!!

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    Thanks for the reply guys! Still waiting for my account to be cleared so I can read the tech forms.

    Yeah I was planning to keep the all the original parts/exhaust so I can put it to stock if need be. Trying to keep things on the low scale, going to mostly daily the car so I want todo some somewhat reliable mods so I dont need to be stressed about blowing it up, but it wont be driven very hard never the less.

    Ive got the problem with all my cars/trucks. cant leave them alone for a min

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