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Thread: 89 XR7 SC and 87 TC

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    89 XR7 SC and 87 TC

    I dont have alot of time to hang out here, but have been on
    the site a few times.
    I just wanted to say, I have a 89 Xr7 supercharged 5 spd car
    and an 87 Turbo Coupe auto car.
    Im in Az, both are nice rust free low mileage cars.
    (I also have a 92 SHO)
    Ill try to post more info and pix soon for anyone wanting
    to know more about them.
    The TC is bone stock, unmolested 74k mile car.
    The Xr7 was a special edition built by the local Lincoln
    dealer, and was sold off the showroom with a factory A&A
    Urethane body kit, rear wing and a set of 16 HRE 3 pcs rims on it too.

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    heres a few pics

    all the add ons where installed by the Selby Lincoln Mercury
    dealer back in 89.
    Eibach springs, A&A body kit, HRE 3 pcs wheels, rear wing and
    exhaust tips.
    The front spoiler is currently missing, but I have a Xenon ft spoiler
    coming next week. Im also installing a Xenon rear trunk lip spoiler
    on the car and removing this one for now.
    After that, Ill prob switch the rims out for some 18s I have my
    eyes on and sell off the HRE wheels.
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    Havent seen one like that before. Looks Extremely clean and the extras give it a kind of classy look.

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