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Thread: 1990 SC 5spd

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    1990 SC 5spd

    Bought it about a year ago and best car i ever bought, fun to drive and fun to work on. Who doesn't like a challenge? so far light mods
    look forward to coaxing more power hiding under the hood.

    -Centerforce Racing spec clutchkit (pilot bearing, throwout bearing etc.)
    -New Goodyear 225x60r16's
    -Clear Corners
    -Beefed up control arms up front
    -New Ball Joints
    -Plugs and Wires
    -Custom Air Intake
    -5% Window Tint

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    Welcome to the site....

    Do yourself a big favor and free up the exhaust first....

    Your head gaskets will thank you.....

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    X2 what the-big-e said, Open up the exhaust first.

    Maybe consider upgrading to the late model fuel tank (94-97) while doing the exhaust for a more "straight" through exhaust.
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