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Thread: 90 bird sc/white

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    90 bird sc/white

    I have a 90 T-Bird SC white with sunroof , automatic trans & of course 3.8 supercharged motor.Car has some cosmetic damage to exterior in the form of dents &oxidation to black trim parts.It has been setting for approx. 3 years,motor may have blown head gasket or bent valve, interior pretty much gone except guage cluster,air vents & other molding pieces within interior. wheels & tires in good shape as well as ground fx and I beleive bumper parts are in good shape. The best I can remember trans had a hard shift to it rest of drive train in good repair as far as I can honestly tell. Basic goal is to get about 1100.00 and rid myself of car. Sorry it was late when message posted,the car is located in paducah,Kentucky, far western ky.
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    Where is the location of the car....

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    90 bird sc/white

    Car is in Paducah ,ky which is far western ky.

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