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Thread: Any 2011 Shootout Info?

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    I liked my drifting entrance much better then parking lot burnouts.
    1994 Supercoupe 5spd Custom, first to buy a 2.1L Big Bore Kenne Bell Twin Screw for an SC
    Old numbers on 1.7l AR SC: 415WHP off the bottle-12.2535 @112.18 off the bottle. Best TQ to date 516ft/lbs, New numbers 480whp on dream crusher.
    1990 35th 5spd 2011 Carlisle 1st place class winner. 12.9@108MPH 1.9
    2013 GT/CS 5.0L FRPP 2.3l Whipplecharged family weekend car
    2005 SAAB 9-3 Aero 2.0L TURBO Work Mule

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverfastenough View Post
    My parking lot burnout was bigger than anyones Ill have you know. Am I the only one with line locks or something, buncha wimps.

    We could make burnouts an event. Dave Dalke and myself could be judges


    93 SC Whipple powered 11.648 @ 119.6
    Twin Turbo, air intercooled..yet to see

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