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Thread: New to a 1990 SC

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    New to a 1990 SC

    Well, the addiction lives on. My stepdad owned a 92 SC, always loved it to death ... but never got to drive it, went boom and I ended up with a Ford Escort instead. And subsequently bought 5 more.

    Now in need of a car, found a great deal on a 1990 SC in the town where my buddy lives. Blown crankshaft, "apparently a low car is not a snowplow". Dude was apparently quite literally using it for a snowplow ... anywho, otherwise, the car looks to be in absolute perfect shape, was babied and taken care of.

    Just wanted to post up here and just get the voice of SCCOA, see what you guys think -- the engine's gonna be torn apart this weekend once the car gets towed to his place, but you think it's gonna be a crankshaft change? Or is a whole new engine going to have to be swapped in -- in which case finding an SC engine is apparently rare and difficult, easier to swap in the 5.0L from the Mustang in ...

    Voice your opinions, definitely want to know if anyone's got experience here, or ... just thoughts and such, will keep updated with pics when I get them and see how that engine tear-down goes ...

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    if it was used for a snow plow it probably wasn't babied

    the engines aren't that hard to find not here anyway, I am one of the many with an sc engine for sale.

    and if the crank is broke then there is probably more damage inside

    whats the price on this car?

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    Guy was apparently just drunk off his ~~~, or high, something to that effect. Not normal treatment.

    Price was $1500 plus a case of beer for the tow. Got pics and a thorough inspection -- could use a driver's seat, bit worn, and rear bumper has a few cracks in it. Just found another SC in another city for $1500 obo, thinking for the right price, can drive the car back to home roost and pull the engine and driver's seat, anything else we might find needs replacing (possibly try and color match rear bumper? hmm).

    It's a real low rider, though. You'll see the seam in me buddy's driveway between the cement and the asphalt ... apparently had trouble going over that bump, hahaha. Otherwise looks to be in awesome shape.

    What's the details on the engine you've got up? Too long-distance, and shipping the engine just isn't worth it, trying to stick to a low budget -- just changed jobs and I'm struggling a bit between paychecks, shelled out for this just because I didn't want someone else to nab it, I'm a deal-jumper.

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    Whoops, pics attached now
    Attached Images Attached Images      

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    Update, just got back from a roadtrip to Vancouver to pick up a cheap organ donor -- nigh blown tranny, only decent thing about the car is the engine (woohoo!) and the deck is better than in the red one. whatev, got the engine now. Work begins!

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    Your SC looks in pretty good conditino. I like the Red on Black leather combination, it looks sharp. I noticed that you have the KPH speedo, are you in Canada?

    Keep us updated with your progress.

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