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Thread: first coupe

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    first coupe

    i fell in love with this car when i was 15 and my dad bought it from the original owner, who works for my dad. i was heartbroken when my dad had to sell it two years later, to another guy who works for my dad. so when i graduated high school i looked constantly for a 5sp sc. when i was about to turn 21 my dad said that he just bought a car. it wasnt until we went to pick it it up that i realized it was a 89 sc. even better it was the same car my dad sold, it had 98k, 5sp,oxford white, blue interior, no sunrooof all stock. best of all the guy only wanted 1200 for it. a week later on my 21st my dad gave me the coupe. best birthday i will ever have. i've been a fan of this car for as long as i can remember. i am always looking on this site to check whats happeneing in the world of supercoupes, thank god i finally have one!

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    Congrats. Sounds like a great gift.
    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd -- 3rd owner, 16k miles
    2 '89 XR7 5spd's -- on their way out, really!

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    Like Kurk K stated, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I remember seeing the T-Bird being adverstised on TV back when it was new, and at that point I knew I wanted one. I love the amount of torque that we have at low RPM. I just wished they were a little more mod friendly. But i say in stock form, its a fun car to have. Well when you get a chance, share some pics with us. We always like to see pictures of new SC's in the club

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