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Thread: 1993 sc tb

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    Okay, I'm now motivated to sell this car. I just had the sway bar links replaced along with an alignment at Ford. I also ran into a column in my parking garage and scuffed the right side bumper a bit.

    $1800 and that's a steal, car runs great.

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    I have one more month left until I don't have a garage for this car any longer.


    Just had ALL the belts replaced and tie rod ends replaced. Since March I've changed the oil twice, had a new working 145mph ODO (not installed), done radiator fluid, power steering fluid, sway bar ends links replaced.

    I did lose the trunk key and the trunk release button doesn't work.

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    Question Is this car STILL for SALE ??

    If so . . who is selling it? I notice different names claiming to own the car, dumping more money into it, but the price keeps going DOWN.

    The name "Bruce Harbinger" appears to have bought it, fixed a lot of stuff, yet wants to sell it cheap because he found another car with lower miles. Yet Bruce is asking about other cars for sale with even more problems than the one he has.

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    Yes im selling it
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    Hey Bruce Your T-Bird Where is it in VA ?

    Hi Bruce Call me 305-321-6785 or send me your telephone number and I'll call you . I'm Serious I will buy it as is I just want another bird to replace my 93 Black 5.0 HO that got totaled in flood waters and I go back and forth to my Friends up North in Pa and NY and use to live in Va in the Seventys so I have no problem hauling up there . So please get back to me Thanks George

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