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Thread: Electrical Gremlins

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    Electrical Gremlins

    Hi Folks,
    Did a motor swap a couple of months ago, thanks Dave, installed a Dirty Dog convertor and a set of ported manifolds(thanks Paul). The motor and all runs well but I'm having some electrical issues. The wiper motor will turn on and stop in the first wipe though it does not seem to seize just lose power, it will move if I help it. Last week both windows started needing a helping hand to get them up and the motors sound like they are cycling high and low. The headlights, dashlights and blower motor dim for a millisecond every 20 seconds like clockwork and I hear a faint clicking like a relay or something in the dash when this happens. Any Ideas? I'm no electrical whiz but I gotta get this sorted out.

    Thanks Tom

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    First thing to start with is to make sure all the grounds are reconnected and tight. These cars are very sensitive to sloppy grounds.

    There's grounds that run to the motor mounts, the heads, and so on.


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    Thanks Fraser, I'll try and track them down and check them.
    Cheers Tom

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