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Thread: 2 birds in the driveway now

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    2 birds in the driveway now

    Ok so this past weekend I traded my 71 ford f100 sport custom for a 93 sc. This car already has quite a few mods done to it. I was curious to see if the previous owner was on here (the one that did the mods). The guy to whom I purchased it from said the car came from Alabama. If you guys can look it over and lemme know if you've seen this old girl before.

    I am a member of TCCoA as well. I have a 94 lx with more mods then I care to list. But that one is my wifes car now, main reason is that my ac and heat have been taken off of the sc. I will be putting this all back in, this is south ga and this won't be a drag car, aka need my admenities lol.
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    I like that red and silver combo....

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    same here...Don't recogize it but that doesn't mean much. I hope your wife enjoys the sc and much as i enjoy mine!! Welcome to the boards


    where are you located?

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    love the 2 tone and hood!!Nothing wrong with a daily driver and alil hp

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    I'm in thomasville georgia bout 30 minutes north of tallahassee fl. I am in love with the color combo, except that the red on the hood has faded to pink. LOL. This isn't a common car around here, the last one I had was a 1990 sc black w/ red interior. I love the tbirds.

    Thanks for the comments.

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