I have the following that I am trying to get rid of since I won't be needing them for the SC re-invention that I am once again starting from the ashes.

All body parts have ZERO rust.

(2) doors (white) (driver's and passengers) off a 1995 LX
(2) front fenders (white) (driver's and passengers) off a 1995 LX.
(1) trunk lid (Midnight Blue) off 1990 SC - no reflector
(1) SC with Intercooler and tubes (stock) SC has 169K on it.
(1) bored, cleaned, magnafluxed SC Block (1990)
bored to 3.835 inches - originally for Wiseco pistons.
(2) disassembled cleaned and pressure checked SC Heads (1990)
(1) Aluminum Differential with carrier - no gears
(1) set of 3.55 gears
(1) 8.8 solid axle out of an F-150 needs new gears and carrier.

As mentioned in the post header, I can bring all the parts to the Shootout, and I will entertain REASONABLE offers. Most can go cheap, but the block has about $400 in it, so don't try and stiff me too badly.