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Thread: custom calibration in socal? and a few other questions

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    custom calibration in socal? and a few other questions

    I did a bunch of mantinance on the 94 sc auto I just got. I did plugs, wires, fuel filter, 02 sensors, belts, oil & filter and cooling system flush and 180 thermostat.

    The car didn't have a thermostat, and would run hot, previous owner has adapted the wiring with a toggle switch to run fan constantly if you want. I noticed it has started to melt one of the fuse's in the underhood box, and want to remove all the wiring and put it back to stock. The factory gauge shows it running at around the M to about 3/4 up the gauge still while driving in traffic but once I am cruising at a consistent speed it runs a bit cooler. Fan is coming on and going off at 220 and 210. I have used my infrared thermometer to check this. Fan on is 220 which reads 3/4-7/8 up the gauge normal range and fan off is at the right of the M.

    I did alot of reading on here that with a lower temp thermostat it's a good idea to do the calibration to turn the fans on and off at a lower temp. Anyone here in socal do this? How do you do it exactly?

    The cooling system didn't look rusty or clogged, but all it had was plain water in it. So hoping that this will resolve the cooling bugs. I'd really like to be able to enjoy the car with out worrying about overheating.

    My other questions, car would missfire under heavy throttle, make great boost but felt like there was no acceleration. Was getting codes 181, 185 and 189 If I recall. One was a mass air, the other two were 02 sensors showing max addaptive limits for a lean condition.

    After doing plugs and wires, it feels much stronger, although it feels sluggish from a stop until boost comes on. I've not had a sc before so not sure how the car should feel ideally. It pulls strongly but I hear knocking at heavy throttle after 5k rpms. Plugs are gaped at .050.

    Rechecked codes now I only get one about 02 sensor not detected on bank 1, lean condition assumed? I can't remember the number.

    Any advice on this? wiring for 02's looked good.


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    Hey Tommy,
    If I remember correctly you will need a chip burned inorder for the computer to run the fans at lower temps. Try maybe posting this mesage in the "Technical Forum" and hopefully someone that knows about this may be able to shed more light on this.

    What kind of spark plugs did you put? (brand, level grade)
    From my experience when I changed plugs on my SC I didn't gap them as I bought them from my local Ford stealership.

    Are you OD the blower?
    Stock exhaust?
    What brand are the O2's you bought?
    Spark plug wires brand?

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    Blower is stock as far as I can tell.
    Exhaust is stock from engine to cats, after cats it is aftermarket. Sounds mean, not sure what brand. I think the previous owner said borla?
    Bosch 02's, and with the factory plug, no splicing.
    Plugs were auto lite double platinum, gapped to .050 (sticker under hood says .052-.056, but everyone here seems to say narrower when i was reading so went with the .050)
    Wires are a borg warner higher level (can't remember the name)

    Yep, I need a chip. I know of the tweecer, and am considering that, plus I can use it on my SHO too. But I haven't decided.

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