The other day i found a deal and 90 sc In good shape, except that the water pump seized at one point and blew a head gasket, the car still ran after, but the guy took it apart some so now it is inoperable. Anyway 1200 bucks later it's mine. I would like to rebuild and improve,giving the bird more power.
I have several questions and hope you sc veterans can help.

What is the best way do the exuast, headers,what pipe size and mufflers, as i live in a part of the world where emmisions testing does not exist the cats may go away. I am going to rebuild, so what is the best rods,pistons,bearings, how much power can the stock or stock replacment parts take, what add ons are best, and is it safe to nitrious a sc? who recoates/polishes blowers, as the coating is falling off mine. Can i port the heads? how much?

I also would like to lower it who makes the best springs, i'd like to lower it 2 or so inches

Thanks in advance excited sc newbie