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Thread: SC Shootout -- TBU Box-of-Crap Raffle

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    SC Shootout -- TBU Box-of-Crap Raffle

    Each year we hold a box-of-crap raffle at the SC Shootout.

    Many of you have donated items in the past -- some cool crap that can actually be put to good use and some not so cool crap, just for the fun of it -- those sometimes being the highlight of the auction.

    To keep the tradition going, we need your donations. Do you have a part or tool you don’t need, “crap” in your garage you just have to get rid of -- basically anything you want to give away?

    As in the past, the box (or boxes) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    So bring all your “crap” to the SC Shootout -- someone else’s crap can be someone else’s treasure. And remember, the raffle is worthy -- the proceeds are given to the racer who has the worst break-down.
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    Got one box for you Duane!
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    that should have been mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettlesd View Post
    ....proceeds are given to the RACER who has the worst break-down.
    Sorry Jason...couldn't resist!
    Matt Haub
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    And do not forget the annual "box o goodies" that has now been auctioned 3 years and running......Hope it makes it back this year guys

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