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    DO NOT buy from this seller. He responds to messages quick. As soon as he takes your money, you don't hear or receive anything from him! I paid for a thermostat housing on is 9-21-2011 NOW and I've gotten NO MESSAGES or ANYTHING from this guy regarding what I paid for! He does get on here just about everyday tho! I HOPE the other members that bought something from this guy and haven't received anything will throw their two cents in this thread.


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    I also paid this guy for some stuff.. Same story!! It's guys like this one that screws it up for everyone else... I have bought many items even a few SC Blowers spent up to $500 bucks for stuff and NEVER had any problems with anyone.. Just goes to show that there are bad apples out there.... Hope he would get banned from the board.. We don't need people like that here... Just my 2 cents...

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    Sorry I just noticed your post.

    I paid for cowl panels that I think he sold more than once.

    Next time I have buddies going to Sturgis I'll ask them to drop by for a visit with him.


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