After doing all the engine work to the car we have a engine cooling problem. Cooling fans kick on when I see around 198f at the housing. The longer you drive whether you drive nice or not the engine temps keep climbing past M. After it gets that hot I see 215-220f at the t-stat housing. Run the heater on high when it gets their and that helps contain it.

Initially today, it seemed as though my problem was with the cooling system building pressure because I took the cap off when hot and there was no pressure. I elevated the front of the car and made sure any possible air pocket at left the system. Drove the car, still getting hot and now it does have good pressure when I released the cap a bit. No air that I could hear escape just fluid.

I'm letting the car cool and I'm going to pull the 180F t-stat to test it. I have a new 180 to go in. I have tested both coolant sensors and replaced the dummy gauge one, they are both fine and prove similar temps that I see at the housing.

What do you think we have going on? I'm pretty sure I installed correctly, springs go toward the engine. Kind of acts like the stat opens but not all the way. Hope I can find it, otherwise we race one at a time and let it cool for a bit.