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Thread: I will start it.....Made it home from the 2011 shootout

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    I will start it.....Made it home from the 2011 shootout

    Long drive......but made it home.......Hope everyone has a safe drive mine was uneventful.

    Yes..... we just got home I told you guys it would still be two hours before we got home
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    We are home after stopping to get a bite to eat. Had a nice cruise home while looking at some of the pictures that Sally took!!!
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    I'm home now too. Took a little whole longer then expected. Had to unload the truck and trailer and figure out why my mom's car wasn't starting. But got to enjoy a nice meal before coming home.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScrapSC View Post
    We are home after stopping to get a bite to eat. Had a nice cruise home while looking at some of the pictures that Sally took!!!
    Well did that picture of Smitty and I at the 1/8th show me looking over my shoulder.....

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    I just got home also...
    While driving on a I-75 I hit some kind of a road kill and tore up the freshly painted front bumper
    Will need a new header panel and probably some paint touch up!
    Ughh just not my luck this year...
    Had a lot of fun and hope to see you guys next year!!!

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    home too...was fine, then the rain hit...I guess it rained all day in Indy...we are lucky we had such a great day. Hubby and I stopped and enjoyed a dinner and then we had to pick up the kids and drop the trailer. My headlights suck, my tires suck and defrost could be better.

    ooohhh while getting gas a young kid wanted to buy my car!!! He loved it and we talked for a short bit and I told him about sccoa and ours cars. He was obviously more of the ricer crowd but said he would like something no one else maybe, he'll check us out. It feels good to eddycate those youngings bout our cars

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    Just pulled in, eyes were getting a little tired. Well, a little more tired as they seem to have spent most of the weekend - well - tired.

    I can't believe another Shootout is again behind us. Wow.
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    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
    Email me here.

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    Just made it in. Great time this year--I'm sure we'll all have more to say tomorrow.

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    Just made it home. I feel bad because I only caught the last 3 hours or so of the entire thing due to unforeseen events. I didn't really get to meet anyone (sorry Mel!). Nonetheless, it was pretty cool! I'll be sure to make it for realz next year, since it will be the last pre-apocalyptic SC Shootout.

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    Made it in around 8 last night. Can't wait to do it agian next year.
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    Rolled in to Akron at 1am this morning.
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    Home Safe

    Dawn and I made it back about 12:30 CST, man did we hit some heavy rain coming home after Louisville! Could hardly see.

    Had a great time looking forward to next year already, and a fixed door! LOL

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    Rolled in at 11:45 pm last night.

    Tired, but had a lot of fun! Another great shootout!
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    I got in minneapolis around 7:30am yesterday. 12 hour drives are always tough on the way home, you get very "loopy" but cant wait to do it again next year.

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