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Thread: Official Things I Learned At the 2011 Shootout

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    Official Things I Learned At the 2011 Shootout

    1.You can have a successful shootout without having the cops show up
    2.V8 cars can still win something at an SC event
    3.Canadians can still get in the US
    4.The Dalke family still puts on one hell of a show

    If you have not been to a owe it to Dave and Connie (and many many others)to show up......Everyone who has been will tell you there is not a finer group of people that you can be associated with Thank you Dalke family any many others

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    I learned that I can make a fast car go slow.
    That my M5R2 doesn't like shifting much higher then 6k RPM.
    That my little 306 can hold off a 347 in the finals. To bad I broke out.


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    antifreeze tastes bad

    corey and casey are joined at the hip

    that $60 in raffle tickets are worth it

    I still want more, lots more

    that arnold should have been a comedian

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    In order to have a chance to win at the car show make sure you are there early because people vote before 10:30am!

    Show cars can win trophies at races

    450Hp Tbird will not get past 13's on 20's no matter how many times you try

    Don't book your room at Fairfield Inn because they will give it away to someone else and blame you for not having it reserved!

    Get a helmet and slicks for racing...Big thanks to Ricardo for letting me use his!

    Sally is the best photographer ever!

    Need to Invest in a truck and trailer lol
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    1. Chris Vinning has my number, I can't never beat him.
    2. Let the track know you're running nitrous.
    3. Casey's quite a character.
    4. The turbo guys hang like a cult group.
    5. The V-8 SVO guys hang like a cult group.
    6. Dalke can break zhit like everyone else.
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    Theres 2 ways to release a clutch, one way breaks ~~~~.

    Im getting better at tuning, except on my own car.

    BE BLOWS when it comes to datalogging a full pass.

    Street tuning Caseys car is sketchy

    Pig roast = gooooooooooooooooooood

    Kevin Leitem was trying to be a roll racer
    Making woosh sounds since 2010!

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    1. OOOOOGGAAAHHHHH horns are cool!

    2. DIS-4's are sketchy but can pay for lots of butt connectors.

    3. Never let your dad keep an eye on your car. Dad's take joy rides!!

    4. It is possible to take care of video in the lanes and also be a pit biatch at the same time.

    5. Discussions of #2 are still funny at 43

    6. Sharing your experiences at the daddy parts doctor can bring laughs.

    7. Pepper is magic dust!

    8. Even though I didn’t have a car there I still wouldn’t miss the event for anything!!! Too many “good people” and great times to be had to let it slip by due to a small thing of not having a car to bring.

    9. Plastic sacks make great disposable coolers!

    10. Snatch Electronics has a darn catchy jingle!

    11. Serno is lost without Micahs love.

    12. Oatway is a BEAST on the pig roasting

    13. Big chairs = good times!
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    1. BATMAN is among US.
    2. Pepper is an awesome spice.
    3. Siska has hang time.
    4. Dalke got “walked on by a girl.”
    5. Casey CAN drive.
    6. So can Neibert.
    7. SO can 16 year olds.
    8. You CAN get sunburned in October.
    9. Vining can drive backwards, like a PRO.
    10. Whirlies make the world go round.
    11. Smitty needs a jacket.
    12. Downs needs a hat.
    13. I need my @!%(#& car next year.
    14. The whole Dalke crew runs on race fuel.
    15. Brian can smoke a pig and slicks like a Pro.
    16. War Birds are way cool.
    17. SO are Tanks!
    18. SC Shootout events are THE BOMB!
    19. Bent K-members suck.
    20. Rainy Mondays are kewl when they are scheduled as vacation days.

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    #1 rushing to get things done sucks the fun out of it. When 2 weeks ahead of time you say should I run it as it is or swap the motor, just run it as it is.
    #2 kil kare far lane has wicked groove. If you aren't in it you aren't going to be on the throttle either.
    #3 fuel pump seals pop off when the trailer gets thrown about on a very narrow road with a wide vehicle trying to use the same lane.
    #4 despite the threats and rain going in to the weekend sundays weather could not have been better.
    #5 I am hopelessly lost on BE.
    #6 running rich will foul the plugs after about 3 passes.
    #7 kil kare's tree doesn't give you the run slip on the one you wanted to see the most.
    #8 I need a helmet.

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    I learned driving 12 plus hours then going to work sucks
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    1. Anthony should have been a comedian just based on personal stories
    2. they do make pop up paul bunyon size chairs taller then normal size people
    3. DIS 4, never get one
    4. buy more electrical connectors, goes with #3
    5. never sell a used DIS 4 to someone as it leads to #4
    6. my car can shoot some wicked flames
    7. don't offer a yuengling to 1 person as it leads to 22 other people wanting one leaving you with one
    8. Ohio weather forcasters are the worst
    9. parking lot wrenching has now become parking lot road tuning
    10. pig roasts are awesome
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    + yeunglings really attract people lol
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    ALSO, after tuning a few cars, I learned that I like closed loop and adaptive, so Im buying 2 o2's 1 wideband, and making copper heatskinks for all 3 and turning mine back on.
    Making woosh sounds since 2010!

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    1. Do your burnouts before the start line, not on the first 60'
    2. Tanks don't need tracks and a turret to be cool.
    3. 261,333 mile rear suspension bushings don't like wheel hop (had bad bump steer all the way home!)
    4. You can have your car 100% ready for the shootout...but then find it's not ready after all.
    5. Having a pit crew and photography crew is NICE!!
    6. Conventional brake swap can make burnouts a little more tricky.
    7. Belt slip is a plague.
    8. 8-rib belts are a pain to procure.
    9. 110 octane gas is good stuff.
    10. Heat kills.
    11. Even the young Dalke's DO WORK!
    Matt Haub
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    1. Sleep is optional.
    2. You can use giant hose clamps to bind a pig.
    3. Anthony Arnold has a big chair.
    4. V6's can still beat V8's on the dyno.
    5. Centerforce clutches need break in mileage.
    6. Brian's chili rocks.
    7. It is possible to run a drag race event 9 years in a row and still manage to screw up the details.
    8. Cory Binks prefers the broken axle excuse.
    9. Casey's McCarty can run 11's with anywhere from 400-800rwhp.
    10. Double D's lost to a girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
    Email me here.

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