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Thread: Official Things I Learned At the 2011 Shootout

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMac89 View Post
    1. Don't leave the bathroom door open, unless you're staying with mista Nickelman.
    Casey's the reason they don't paint hotel bathroom walls.............
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    Things I learned......

    .I want a GMC TopKick pickup truck.
    .Jeff at Precision is a really cool guy.
    .Shootout Committee can pull it off with short notice.
    .Its sad to see the full animal you are about to eat.
    .Damon has small balls, and should have said no to the AM meeting he had on monday.
    .Ryan learned to tune on my car and did a hell of job.
    .Too much Methanol kills power not add.
    .My spare car makes 5HP less then Iras spare car, but my spare car can make 8 passes down the track and go back home with only a broken cigarette lighter.
    .Mike Menke needs to get another SC just to show up to the Shootout
    .V6 cars can do some damage on V8s
    .Casey is going get hurt if he does not fix or replace the tank. Holy sway.
    .Dont dyno or race a car that its not intended for that use, makes you want to make it faster and more powerful after that.
    .Need to bring my race car back to its previous status.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KYSal View Post
    15. Brian can smoke a pig and slicks like a Pro.
    I stand corrected STEVEN smokes slicks like a PRO!!! Picture will follow on facebook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYSal View Post
    I stand corrected STEVEN smokes slicks like a PRO!!! Picture will follow on facebook!
    Oh Noooooo!!!!
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    Update: I have also learned that I want to race a car with two less cylinders......

    After much consideration and inspiration from Casey......I want an SC

    So as I posted in the wanted section I am looking for any year SC in any condition. I just want a roller I dont even need a car with a title. Within 100 miles of Dayton i would come get it.

    Thanks Casey

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    11. A flat tire can be changed in 10 minutes on the side of the highway....even after taking 9 minutes to figure out how to get to the spare.

    I was very happy that you and your son were there to help out (Thank You again)...the extra hands, the floor jack and cordless impact sure made the job go a lot easier than it would have been with a tire iron and my little jack.

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    seems like we all didn't learn as much this year as we did last year HUMMMMM

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    Negitive, we learned A LOT which resulted in less breakage.

    Oh yeah, and have to retract my statement and give proper credit back to "daddio Oatway" He's the BURNOUT MASTER this year!

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