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Thread: Black 1995 Auto SC (54,693 Miles) For Sale on Craigslist

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    Black 1995 Auto SC (54,693 Miles) For Sale on Craigslist

    Found this posted today for sale in Maple Heights Ohio...
    1995 SC: Black, 18" Saleens, Forged Pistons, Bored .20 Over, SS Valves, Cam, MP CAI, C&L 80MM MAF, MP 85MM TB, 1.7 AR Twin Screw, MP Raised Top, MP FMIC, Ported Heads & Manifold, 60lb Injectors, BHJ Balancer, March Polished Pulleys, 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Borla Exhaust, Cobra Brakes, Dirty Dawg Transmission, Cobra Rear with 3.73's, and a whole lotta "Magic" from from the master SC mechanic, David Dalke!

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    Looks like it's sold already bummer...

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