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Thread: New to the world

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    New to the world

    Im fairly new to the world of the SC. In June 2011 got a black 89 xr-7 5 speed with 411,xxx on it. It did me good untill early september when a berring in the bottem end went. Great car so i decied to find a new block, then i got offered a 95 blue auto SC with 140,xxx. Decied to go with that as it looked to be the better option until after a day on the road the head gasket went. So far me an the guy who sold it to me, have put 12h into fixing it so far and we are nearing the end. Once its done I hope it holds up long enuph for me to no longer be broke so i can give it the love that I want to. So far the idea is to get it back on the road but after that its game time, looking for input on the ideas for my car.

    First is to get a chip and program to compensate for the ERG vale delete and adjust the shift points for the auto.

    Second is to get a traction lok diff

    Third is to strip the xr-7 for its 5 speed set up and the 273 diff

    After that its achieving 300~hp, this is more or less were im lookinh for input. Please keep in mind i dont have alot of money to throw around was thinking somthing like reworked heads and intake mana fold long with cam and roller rockers.

    Thank you for your time
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    Wow, 411,000 miles? That's impressive. Welcome to the family!
    1994 white sc (Daily Driver)
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    Lol yep, no idea if it had been replaced or rebuilt but it drove nice untill the bottem end went, im fairly sure the head gasket failed causing it to go.

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