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Thread: Questions about an SC

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    Questions about an SC

    So I found an SC in my area, and several people have told me a 95 SC for $1550 is a steal. I went to look at it, and some things seemed a little sketchy to me... The owner said he was the second owner, the first sold it to him for $1600 with 123K on the odo. He found out a little later that the odo was frozen, but he didn't know for how long (he suspects it to be around 160k). Apparently the boost gauge was also broken, as it wouldn't move at all. I test drove the car, it was strong, no funny noises from the engine, the struts were making a clicking noise, which the owner was very up front with me about. He said he had it smogged and took it to a shop to fix a coolant problem, and they informed him about the struts. The ABS light was on the entire time, the check engine light was on with only the electronics turned on. The firm/soft ride control worked, and the brakes were awesome, plenty of pad left and one rotor was deeply grooved probably beyond resurfacing. The interior/AC/heater/electronics were nothing more than I expected of a 160kish car. The owner said he had a time constraint for selling it as he was leaving town soon, but he only mentioned it once and it didn't seem too fishy.

    My summary from checking it out was that the engine/trans was solid, but the electronics were marginal...(which could be expected of a mid 90s ford)


    Any opinions or advice is appreciated!

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    buy it

    The body looks decent as does the interior. There's always gonna be something to fix on any used car of such an old age. The things you are mentioning are nominal at best. Especially for only $1,500 dollars it's a steal. Seems to me that you are already ahead of the curve.

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    Take it and run

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