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    I think I scerwed up???

    OK so I was looking over the dates and cites again and the FAQ link Kurt included earlier and I was wondering if I screwed up my reservations.

    I have a room booked on Friday Night the 1st in Detroit which I believe in the Courtyard in Novi, assuming we would be at the GM proving grounds that day.

    So Saturday night on the 2nd of June I booked a room at the next stop in Muskegon, MI, thinking we would drive there during the day and need a place that night so we could get up the next day hang out in Muskegon and travel on to Champaign, IL later on.

    the 3rd is the same way I booked a room in Madison, Il for that night thinking we would stay and be ready for the event at Gateway the following morning!

    Am I correct in this thinking or did I book the wrong dates for the entire power tour??

    Just a little confused at this point and hope I haven't screwed myself on the hotel situation.

    Someone please let me know or confirm what I am thinking so I can quit worrying.

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