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Thread: I think I need another career

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    I feel for you. when I worked in air ambulance maintenance I worked the kind of hours that you have. My biggest complaint was that I didn't have predictable time off. That would be even more of an issue with two small children. I have always heard the saying 'You have to have a job to find a job'. If you aren't happy, start looking. The look on your employers face when you tell him you are leaving - priceless.
    Remember that the one who looks out for you and your family is you. If as you say it is affecting your family life, move on.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan A Harris View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I am taking the OT as much as I can,
    Ryan, take it from someone who knows. You only live once, your kids are only little once and money isn't everything. You have to put your family first buddy.
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    Ok, so its been over a month of the bad taste in mouth from that issue. Let me just say, I HATE THIS PLACE. The job search has started, well it could be a career change. I have realized that in the manufacturing trades, this crap will not end. I need to last until April, for my $$$ situation to be ok.

    Any suggestions from the guys who know me as to what I may be good at? Anyone know of job openings that there places employment.

    I have never been this confused as to what to do next, never. Its been so long since I was looking into careers I don't even know how to start.

    Here's to not knowing what lies around the corner......

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    Not sure what you are looking for. Log on to select Careers at the top and you will see search for openings. They just posted an opeing in the Toronto area for Conductor trainees. Also I know in the future there will be openings in the diesel shop for mechanics and apprentices I can watch for you. shoot me a pm if you have any questions.
    13 years for me, been great.


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    I understand you're a machinist with a ticket.
    13 weeks of recruit school.
    Then $4.5K per month with regular incentives each year and through promotion.
    25 year contract with a fully indexed pension and immediate annuity.
    5 weeks paid vacation every year.
    Unlimited paid education benefits.
    Free uniforms, safety gear and the best trade equipment available.
    Completely free medical and dental for you.
    Comprehensive dental and medical package for your family.

    I joined at 20, retired with an immediate annuity at 47.
    I draw $3K per month until I'm dead. Then my wife gets half of that until she's dead.
    My wife is still serving so her pension will be somewhat higher and I get half if she gets dead before me.
    Just cashed my 62nd pension cheque last month. I'm 53 next month.

    You won't be posted to Toronto.
    Anywhere from Victoria to St John.
    And you get to play with really big guns and other cool stuff.

    My boy joined 3 years ago.
    He and his girl, also a member, bought their first house last fall.
    They're 23 now.
    They roll in 6 figures per annum as a team.

    Absolutely no obligation in talking to a recruiter.
    Make an appointment and have a chat.
    They will NOT BS you.
    Might even be attractive for Kendra.
    Does she have a skill set?

    I'm here to advise and assist if needed.

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    My career path is checkered, so it's probably not my place but...

    I have suggested the same to my girls....


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