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Thread: 1994 Thunderbird SC 5 Speed for Sale

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    1994 Thunderbird SC 5 Speed for Sale

    I have a white 1994 5 speed SC for sale. I am in college and after buying this bird while on deployment last year when I was still in the Army, I am now deciding to see if I can get any offers from enthusiasts only.

    The Good:

    Engine was rebuilt (not by me) and it has less than 10k on it
    From what i can remember it has
    Comp cams
    bored .20 over
    stage two clutch
    3 inch exhaust custom built with steel
    Clutch feels pretty good, could probably use a looking at and lube up the workings.
    No major or minor body damage
    18 or 19 inch ADR rims with great looking tires (I do not have the key lug however)

    The Bad:
    187xxx miles
    Needs battery and air filter
    Needs electrical work on the fan (does not turn on)
    Passenger side hinge is bad, door needs to be lifted to close
    Has few rust spots on the side skirts near the bottom of the car
    No radio, and previous owner placed hideous walmart tint on the windows.
    The flowmasters on the back are falling apart, but could be salvaged.

    I didnt pay very much for this car, so Im not asking much. In fact, I just want what I put in for it. The motor is quite powerful. Ive driven it a few times for only a mile or so (never before it got too warm), just to see what it had. In fact, I had someone call the cops on me for suspected racing because it sounds so awesome I guess!!! I spent too much before getting into college so the money I was going to spend on it is gone. I know for a fact it could be turned into a great sleeper car that you could have guilt free fun in since its in fair shape.

    All in all, I know one of you guys could make this a great car. I just dont have the time, and Ill most likely hate myself for being impatient. But I also dont like seeing it sit in the driveway.

    Im asking $1600, or best offer. Located in Cincinnati, OH, on the opposite side of Cincy as Bill's SuperCoupe Performance.

    Reply here, email me at (best). Or if youre extremely interested, text or call 513 319 6020. I'll send pictures or video to those who ask for it, OR you can look at my YouTube video of it here!!!!!

    Thanks and God Bless

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    Doesn't look too bad. Ill see what I get back from income tax and let ya know! BTW im located in Erie, PA so im not to far away
    Is it possible to get some pictures of interior, engine bay and interior. Oh yea and along with the rust thanks

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    how does it run? Would it make a 5 hour trip??

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