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Thread: Modded 91 SC in S.E. MI

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    Modded 91 SC in S.E. MI

    I am the third owner of the car and have only owned it for a year. It has never been drove in the winter, there is no rust on the body or under the car. There are a couple issues, there are 3 cracks on the dash, and the gas gauge is a little off it is empty when it reads about 1/8th tank.. There are no rips or wear spots on the cloth parts of the seats, but they do need to be cleaned. When it was tuned and dyno it had 285hp 337trq. This car runs very strong. It comes with many spare parts including door glass, original trunk lid and lights (currently has a 93 rear), engine accessories (pulleys, power steering pump etc. There is also all of the receipts from the original owner/builder which gives a nice history of the car. The engine mods total over 8k alone. I have decided to sell it because I am not in the car thing any more and its time to move on.

    1991 T-Bird SC

    Twilight Blue exterior, blue cloth (tweed type) interior with trim
    AOD with 2600 RPM converter-overdrive band is slipping
    6-way power seats, both driver & passenger, with lumbar support
    Power windows and door locks, dual remote power mirrors
    Tilt steering wheel / power steering
    Automatic climate control
    Automatic ride control
    Moon roof
    ABS brakes
    Rear window defroster
    AM/FM cassette
    Bullet Rims
    Completely rebuilt and blue printed engine (work done by Bishoff Racing Engines, West Harrison Indiana)
    custom forged aluminum pistons and custom rods
    speed pro rings
    fully ported intake and exhaust ports on heads
    1.56” exhaust valves / 1.855” intake valves
    3.83” cylinder bore
    Windsor connecting rods
    Re-ground camshaft (have specs)
    high pressure oil pump
    73mm MAF
    85mm throttle-body
    Magnum Powers inlet tube and supercharger plenum
    Re-built / ported supercharger (by Magnum Powers)
    Raised blower top
    10% over-speed pulley for supercharger
    Intercooler fan
    Double intercooler
    42# fuel injectors
    255 LPH fuel pump
    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator with guage
    Jet coated headers with high flow cats
    Custom exhaust with dual Turbo mufflers
    dual 2.5” to single 3” to dual 2.5”
    Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel guage
    MN12 tuner card installed into EEC unit
    Enhanced calibration file
    See pics here:

    Asking $3600
    Contact me at
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    car seems like a steal of a deal,wish it wasnt so far away,how many miles on the car and engine ?. How bad is the transmission and would it br drivable to minnesota?
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    The car has about 100k and according to the previous owner, the engine is around 40k. 1st and 2nd gear in the trans is fine, and it will drive in 3rd,just don't give it too much gas. I personally would not take it long distance.
    It had a bad trans in it when I bought it. I took a gamble and installed a used AOD from a fox body Mustang. Unfortunately, I lost.

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    Are you sure the shift cable is adjusted right?

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    I remember this car but cant recall who owned it. Definitely check TV cable adjustment
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
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    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    Cable is adjusted properly. Trans worked great for about 100 miles before starting to slip.

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    It will go on craigslist soon. I would rather see a true SC enthusiast own it.

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