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Thread: what kinds of mods will require messing with the computer????

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    Question what kinds of mods will require messing with the computer????

    my overall guesstimation would be....exhaust and air intake wouldn't need any (to an extent i suppose) but i'm sure once you get into the gas/fuel mixing processes, something must be done. (like fuel pump, camshaft, injectors, etc) i've trying to get an idea what i can do before i hafta either get a new computer, or reprogram mine (whichever is better or cheaper) anyways, somebody feel free to ramble about how to start modifying my 89 (without spending too much money at first) i jsut don't want to modify things until i understand exactly what's going on in there (the physics and such) thanks to any and all!

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    Pretty much you can do whatever ya want far as boltons...When ya go with injectors at or above 38lb then you are gonna want an EECtuner...EECtuner is a good idea anyway, regardless of what you do...Fan controls, as well as so many other options you are probably already aware of...Dr. Fred writes files for the EECboards...If you do a search on EECtuners, you will come up with alot of usefull info...


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