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Thread: 91 Super Coupe 5-Speed Manual Black on Black

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    91 Super Coupe 5-Speed Manual Black on Black

    91' Super Coupe 5-Speed Manual Transmission - Black on Black leather. Both the paint job and the leather seats are in pretty bad shape. The car has been parked inside a garage since 2005. Tires amazingly are still holding air! It has been sitting untouched with the fuel, battery, water, and oil IN it for a LONG TIME! Title is in hand and I have to get rid of this car FAST as the house has been sold and the boss (wife) won't let me take the car with me since I never do anything with it. When it was parked in 2005 it was running great just needed a paint job and some tlc which I neglected to give it. Odometer on this car stopped working around 2004 at 135235 miles so actual mileage is unknown but it shouldn't be much higher than that. I replaced the super charger with a rebuilt number in 2002 the original is in the trunk if wanted. The car is located in La Porte, TX and I'll entertain most offers as the situation is pretty desperate. Cell Phone 281-660-8640 - Scott

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    does it start/run now? I'll be back in Houston tomorrow..would like to see it.

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    It ran when it was parked.. unfortunately that was 2005. It's battery is dead for sure and I would suggest dropping all the fluids before trying to start it. I'm about ready to just donate this car and take the tiny tax deduction I'll probably get out of it. If you are interested in giving this car a good home let me know ASAP!!

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