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Thread: Murders In P-town

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    Hey you guys... I dont know if you guys saw on the news about a murders in ptown with a woman being stabbed and guy burnt up in a jeep?
    Well my mother was good friends with woman Ann and I went to school with her daughter. We are putting together a huge benefit on may 12th.. Probably like 20-25 bands(including my band JACT) Auction and tonz of other stuff. As of right now we are inviting car/bikes and anything on wheels to come show off! We mite end up doing a full out show with prizes... But I want to put the offer out there. I know Ill have my SC out and mine doesn't come close to some of you guy's cars. So if you guys can make it that would be cool. Also if your crafty of any sorts we are taking donations for the Auction...
    Here is the Facebook event page. it will be updated with all the latest info....
    Thanks alot guys!
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