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Thread: B&M Shifter, If you want one let me know.

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    Pm and payment sent

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    Frank ramlow

    Quote Originally Posted by BirdofPrey97 View Post
    Working with B&M to see if they will do another run for us. They need to know the number to do a run. The order has to be 100. If you want one let me know.

    Price? $150 shipped within the 48 states. Outside the US you need to speak with me and I will check shipping.

    We need a head count before anything serious can happen. Speak up now or forever hold your peace or piece I guess.

    1. SCchick3
    2. skydivr7673
    3. schwable
    4. schwable
    5. StilwellSC
    6. sdw
    7. Plat0ribs
    8. Plat0ribs
    9. fordmanforever
    10. ALURI
    11. jabaldaz
    12. Sxar
    13. hawgy
    14. 89ohmy
    15. jamesdubbeld
    16. jamesdubbeld
    17. Taz'sPGT
    18. ThomasA
    19. Ddubb
    20. gangaskan
    21. glennm
    22. Rob
    23. Rob
    24. sccrewzr
    25-35. decipha
    36. Black90SC
    37. 89 Roots
    38. coggonobrien
    39. Frank Ramlow I would definitely buy one!

    Yes, we have a ways to go, but we can get there. Call your friends and your friends friends.............
    Please I would love to have one for my super coupe

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo1976 View Post
    Please I would love to have one for my super coupe
    Your best bet at this point would be to keep an eye out here in the classifieds section or get one off eBay if you ever see one!. My names on the list but nothing ever came of the offer sadly & I got mine (also saldy its sitting in the box waiting to install but will be soon!) from Bill at, he shows them as sold out but mentions on the site a list for a possible group buy. Good luck!

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