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Thread: Factory 94-95 intake tube

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    Factory 94-95 intake tube

    Taking out the MAC intake from the 95 chameleon so I can put the factory air box in. I cant for the life of me find my stock tube so I'm looking for a replacement.

    I'm looking for a tube that still has both OEM clamps attached (from factory the clamps are fastened to the tube in a couple places via some very weak rubber plug thingies). Also, the rubber nipple under the tube which connects to the driver's side valve cover breather must be in good shape...i know those like to rip over time.

    Let me know what you have please.
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    I dont know if there is any difference between the late model tubes and early model tubes but I have one that I took of my 92 that is in very good condition if you are interested in it.

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    I'll take a look in the garage today, I'm pretty sure I've got the stock parts from my '95.

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    I have it as well, from my '95. Let me know about the other parts you wanted as well. I just re-emailed you the trim piece to your caifan@gmail...

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