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Thread: 89 XR7 Hood Needed

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    89 XR7 Hood Needed

    Son cracked up the front end. Only part I have not been able to find is the hood. I can be reached by email Will pay cash and can pick it up if within 3 or 4 hours of Indianapolis.

    By the way, Pull A Part is a great place to find parts for SC and XR7. I have found a lot at the Indianapolis location.

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    What Color? I'm done here in Louisvlle... couple of 89-90 Cougars here at pull-a-part.


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    I know the grille on the XR7's are body color, but would a regular Tbird hood work just the same?

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    Not sure about a T-Bird hood but you can use any regular Cougar hood. Check your local junk yards...

    Hopefully, your old grill is still good and you can bolt it on. Keep the black plastic mounting support/ hardware since the only thing the XR7 grill has in common with the stock grill are the bolt holes that mount it to the hood.
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    You can use a stock T-bird hood, but you would also need the header panel, head lights and bumper cover from the T-bird as well.....

    I've seen an XR-7 like this and she looked pretty neat......

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    I have a few 89-90 XR7 hoods available. However, I'm about 4 1/2 hours away from Indianapolis.
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    One of the guys in our local club put on the newer cougar hood on his 89.

    here's a pic of what affectionately refer to as Rudolph.


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