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Thread: how to install a tork tech supercharger on a 4.6 bird

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    how to install a tork tech supercharger on a 4.6 bird

    I decided to add a tork tech supercharger to my bird a while back. I was only the 2nd person to do this. I hope you use my install to solve a larger amount of aggravation of having to figure things out. explanations below the pictures give hints on a successful install.

    sitting the blower on the motor. Note the egr bracket they give you won't work. The Egr has to be bolted directly to the supercharger and the egr pipe has to be cut and modified to connect. I recommend ditching the egr.

    I decided to go for a larger thin heat exchanger for my bird. It is 14 inch tall and 23 inch's wide. I had to remove the air bag sensors permanently in order to fit this cooler. It also necessitated moving the windshield wash bottle. In order to have one I had to use one out of a hatchback I robed at the pick a part. I also had to move the vapor canister from the frame rail to the bumper. I had to piece together hoses to be able to fill the bottle.

    Another problem that I had was that since the kit is only made for coil on plug cars there is no provisions for coil packs. I had to get a used on off a crown vic for the passenger side and mount it where the tt resivor bottle would be. The driver side I had to cut and drill a piece of angel iron to mount the power steering bottle. I also flipped and welded a factory coil pack bracket to the angel iron and bolted it to the front.

    Another problem that I had was that the factory alternator contacted the fan. I solved the problem by using a mark 8 alternator. It was not easy. The mark 8 one is bigger around and it would not let the cam position sensor plug in. I solved this by using a mercury marauder cam position sensor. One more problem was that the mark 8 one would not line up for proper belt alignment. this was because the mark mounting pad was thicker than the tbird one. I had to have it machined down to the tbird's thickness and I had the slots in the bottom welded up so if the bolts ever came loose it would not fall out and hit the ground.


    Another issue that I ran into is degassing the system. The water outlet hoses were too tall I used after market ones to get the water outlets below the top of the degas tank.. tt has addressed this issue and has a better hose setup now.

    I also had to use a locar throttle cable since the bird or mustang one would not work. I highly recommend geting extra cables off 94-95 birds at the yard and cutting the end off of them so you can use it or have a spare.

    I also had the stock hood fall over and get dented so I cut a hole in it till I could get a cobra r hood which is mandatory with this kit.

    I also used a 03-04 cobra air intake tube since the tt one did not work so good. I modified a after market air filter box to work.

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