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Thread: Took the 5 speed to the road course

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    it is indeed a 5 speed, I really wouldn't want to take an SHO with autotragic out on a road race course, unless I intended changing it over to MTX after it blew.

    "Green" has 11.6 brakes around, Quaife ATB (auto torque biasing) differential, new suspension, bushings, braces, Gen 3 front subframe, Gen 3 ZF Rack, and a few other suspension improvements.

    It's currently got 90K miles and serving DD duty this winter due to my 89 blowing HG last week.

    I'm building an SC for the same purpose, highway cruiser capable of road racing without falling off the track or breaking.

    Very much want to try Gingerman and Road America in Sheboygan...

    The 95 SHO were much more squishy than the Gen1's but with a little bit of this... one can bring them around.
    3 SC's over a pair of SHO's ...

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    I drove at Gingerman during Memorial Day weekend and the end of season Halloween event in the 94' SC. I have given thoughts of stripping out my 92' SC a find a cheap trailer and tow it there to Road Course at Midwest area tracks. I want to drive a HPDE at Blackhawk Farms......I am thinking of returning to Autobahn in 14' as well.

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    I used to run at Pocono's road track all the time. Best time you can have! Definitely have an instructor run with you, if available, like Mike said. Invaluable for the first few times out to understand what you're doing right and wrong.

    ALWAYS remove center caps! Good man.

    I stopped because it was just getting too expensive and I can't see blowing this car up (And I didn't have a way to get it home 100 miles away if something did happen.) I was going through tires and brakes like crazy. Plus (Unlike you), I was trying to push the throttle through the firewall. I would see 120 MPH at the end of the back bowl before it was time to turn in. I'm sure my clutch also hates me, so. . . And I ran hot, so that was another concern.

    IF you need a good brake options, check out They were outstanding, but you definitely don't want these on the car if you're driving it on the road normally. First few times you try to stop, you won't.

    Also check out for brake fluid. I boiled my fluid a few times until I switched to this.

    No helmets required?!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat DiPersia View Post

    Be a cool picture on the Midwest Calendar


    93 SC Whipple powered 11.648 @ 119.6
    Twin Turbo, air intercooled..yet to see

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    And all this time I thought that car just went to carlisle and back.
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    Yeh, unfortunately, all I have a print of that photo. I scanned it, so it's not very good quality.

    And no, that car was a daily driver for about three years, of which it saw a few trips to Pocono before I realized if I blew it up, it would be hard to get to work Monday morning! So then I got a SHO, keep beating on the SC until I threw in the (money) towel.

    Someday I'll get back into it, but probably with a better car. Don't get me wrong, the SC was great and I really enjoyed it, but that is simply not a great track car! Too heavy!

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    Took the 5 speed to the road course

    Ohhh I really love that red car wish I have one for me.

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    Road Course

    I don't understand why more people don't Road Course their SC's......................BOTH my SC's have seen Track time.
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    It's too expensive for me. It costs me about $1000 total for a 2 day track day weekend with Chin Motorsports.
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    gotta pay to play...the drag strip around here is pretty cheap..
    id love to do a road course..
    that black bird above looks saweeeet.

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