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Not exactly much known about these over here so thought I'd introduce myself to you guys

Bought this a few months ago as my jump into american car ownership

1990 3.8SC AOD in a slightly faded Red with a borked gearbox - Swapped my daily and some cash for it, in hindsight should have kept the daily and saved the cash for a better one but not exactly plentifull over here so will make the best of what I have

More or less standard at present but have a few idea's brewing and to this end when another came up for sale recently I jumped on it and travelled 300miles to fetch it (drove back, had not been driven for a year!)

Its a later 93-94 5-speed SC with a slightly narked engine and very naff exterior including twin 4inch tailpipes this is now being stripped of its gearbox and associated parts to be fitted in the '90 along with anything else I find worth keeping.

Hope to be extracting a bit more power from the engine soon as its in a drivable state again, the current motor is quite healthy and feels to be producing factory figures (using my seat-of-pants dyno) but I need more

Steve - Somerset UK
Welcome to the group!

I need to check, but I thought superpoop was from England as well.
All your thoughts about the 90 vs 93 seem logical until you get to deal with the brakes.
The older Mark sytem will require some work and knowledge, not if but when 😓.
You can read all the SCCOA posts about it. That might be enough for you to decide to keep both😝