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Thread: production numbers

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    hey Scott, the 04 f-250 that i have driven since new does not have that particular sticker in the jamb. it has the normal sticker since it is a four wheel drive that warns you against the different handling manners it would have. there is however, the faint outline of a sticker, and no outline of any sort on my car. but anyway this has nothing to do with my original question. i am sure that that sticker won't tell me where the sccoa found the numbers that they published. does any body know who the founder of the sccoa is? if so can he-she be reached? thanks to all.

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    Bill Hull is the founder of the club. I believe the numbers were from engineers that actually worked at Ford at the time of production and shortly afterwards. The numbers have always been accepted. The only breakdown I wish was available is the number of 5 speed Anniversary edition Super Coupes were made, but my reasons are selfish
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    thank you Kurt. that makes the most sense of any thing that i have heard. i could see getting that type of information from the engineers. do you know possibly the whereabouts of Mr. Hull? is it possible to talk to him. i accept the numbers myself, its having documented proof to show the people who are serious about the hobby. like i said before it would only help any one who owns any super coupe, not just the low build cars. i contacted two classic car dealers today and one said that they don't do that, the other want'd me to consign my car to them for sale till they found out it was a 94. lol! thanks again Kurt.

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