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Thread: Operation 10.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro street rich View Post
    My pan cleared the starter that I used so my pan was good to go. You said you are going to boost your engine? Can you still use that EFI set up?? When I was putting mine together the only EFI that would work with boost was the FI Tech set up.. Did they redesign your system?? Just asking and by the way now FI Tech has put their monster setup out that is good to 1600 hp that was still in the test stage when I got my stuff from them....Rich
    It has a 2.5 bar MAP sensor so spose to be good to 21 psi and 8 120# injectors. That'll hopefully get me fairly far.

    How's your setup doing?
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    put away for the winter

    Quote Originally Posted by BLOWN38 View Post
    It has a 2.5 bar MAP sensor so spose to be good to 21 psi and 8 120# injectors. That'll hopefully get me fairly far.

    How's your setup doing?
    I am back to a holding pattern as the winter has already hit here. I think everything is good for now, but due to everything else going on around here I have not had the time to take it to the track. All I can say is if you hit the switch it fires off and when you hit the gas it wants to rip the tires off. Hopefully this spring I will be able to spend some time making all kinds of marks all over the roads around here. I do want to throw it on a dyno and see just how crazy these twins are going to make this thing... so for now it is again just another waiting game.. I do think that everything is good to go and that lentech trans should do the job alone with that power shifter I have in the car... The only thing I should have to do is just hold on when the boost is up and I let go of the trans brake and come off the two step box....Rich
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    Wow Chris, it looks great ! Can't wait to see it in the car and running.

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