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Thread: Opinions on these mats

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    Opinions on these mats

    Hey all,

    I just got my first mod (and probably the last) for my 95-SC, oh I almost forgot also ordered our personalized license plates (CA-OUR95SC)

    Anyway, I purchased these new SC floor mats from Victor & Diane@ Spinningwheels. I am a lousy photographer. They are the black with a blue Tbird and grey lettering.

    Cheers ! Rick
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    Looks pretty cool. I may have gone with a lighter color
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    I actually ordered the grey ones but so far it has been 5 weeks and they have not been shipped yet. I spoke with Diane and she said the guy that makes them is very slow...So I am still waiting for them.

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