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Thread: 6 speed or not to 6 speed, that is the question?

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    6 speed or not to 6 speed, that is the question?

    I have a m5r2 in my car now the question is at this point do I swap it out for a 6 speed?
    I know it costs an arm a leg and your first born to do it?
    So are the gains worth the money and time to put it in, considering I have a heavy foot. I generally cruise on the highway around 80 which is fairly normal by me.
    But then my gas mileage is crap.......... kinda. I would like to get better for those long road trips I love taking in my sc. Plus there's always the fun factor that a 6 speed sc would be.

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    I voted to stay with the 5-speed. I have also thought about doing a 6-speed swap, but the cost involved is very hard to justify, and the M5R2 holds up pretty well. Since you can buy a decent working M5R2 for $250 and it bolts right in, and you aren't going to get a T56 or TR-6060 in one of these cars for less than $2000 in the best case scenario, so that $1750 buys a whole lot of gas, or other mods which would make the car more fun. As the supply of M5R2s and rebuild parts for them dies out, and as the T56s become more common place and cheaper, it may swing the other way to where it will be worth it to do the swap, but for now, I just don't see it being worth it.

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    Though costly the T 56 seems more solid even with a stock shifter. I have yet to install a new shifter and my set up is still able to over extend the clutch so I still have issues to resolve. I needed it to do some better gear options to maximize my cars performance. 3.73s and the T 56 makes for nice long pulls in each gear which seem to help. With larger drag tires hopefully low 11s are possible. You better budget $3500 for the swap unless you can find a 302 bellhousing etc for a deal.

    Under 80 mph I do not use 6th but hopefully we can resolve some other issues in the spring that will offset it.
    John Ludorf
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