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Thread: Belt for '94/95 with 5% Blower Pulley

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    Belt for '94/95 with 5% Blower Pulley

    Hey, I looked on the forum and online before posting this. It seems info on this subject is a bit sparse..

    I have a 5% pulley on my blower, and need a replacement belt.

    I realize that the stock '89-93 SuperCoupes use the pulley I have.

    Would a stock '89-93 belt work for me? Or is the transfer pulley size different and that will throw it off? Thanks!

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    I believe stock belt with 5% is ok maybe go with early model belt to be safe

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    A stock 89-93 pulley on a 94 is about a 3% overdrive. The 5% is a little smaller, but you could get by with the blower belt for an 89-93 car. If its even a different belt part number I'm not sure.
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    Thanks for the posts! I found a stock '94/95 belt. It works good in normal driving conditions. If you gun it the throttle to higher rpms it slips a bit, but I don't drive like that. I'll keep a watch on it, and be careful.

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