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Thread: Rear suspension question

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    Rear suspension question

    So... how close are the rear suspensions to the cobra mustangs.

    We see diffs swapped, hubbs but are the control arms the same also?

    i see kenny brown is now offering rear lower control arms (that use a coil over shock set up) and new upper arms that are supposed to correct some problems with the cobra rear suspension.

    just wondering.

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    The control arms are not interchangeable.

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    On another thread, I can't find it now, Dave Neibert posted a link to the company whose rear dif rear mount he uses. They showed tubular lower rears for the t-birds for use with coil overs I think. I also suffer from CRS so don't remember the company name either, maybe Dave will see this and chime in. They were $700 I believe, never seen anyone on the forum mention using them.


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