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Thread: Clutch Master Cylinder

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    Clutch Master Cylinder

    Well my clutch was too stiff and finally wallowed out the metal rod to my Ford SC master cylinder (Keep in mind I have a TR-3650 out of an 08 shelby gt with a RAM HDX Stage 2+ (~~~ if you ask me) clutch kit, and a 4.6L V8 in my cougar.) Anywho, I am finally going to replace all the clutch pedal bushings, and the master cylinder, and get a new lighter clutch (Probably Ford or Exedy) So the question is, from experience, what do you guys consider to be a good replacement brand for the Super Coupe Clutch Master Cylinder? I work for NAPA and can get our brand for about $75, or checking RockAuto there were a few choices. I just don't want to pick some piece of junk, I want something that will last and I figured you all would be the most knowledgable on this subject, thanks!

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    I have a Wagner that I got from rock auto, been for over a year now with no problems. Wagner is a good brand when it comes to hydraulic parts in my opinion.

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