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Thread: Project MPXS MAX!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davec73 View Post
    Didn't have time to pop the hood and check it was heating up so fast, I had to get it home. The fans wouldn't work yesterday so I just assumed they had stopped working again. When I got home I purged the system and replaced the Ircm. I am going to bring it up temp see that the fans work, purge it and let it cool back down again.
    Plug in a scan tool. It will cycle the fans. Quick and easy way to see if the fans/IRCM is functional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davec73 View Post
    Just started it up let it get up to 184 verified the fan kicks on like it should after replacing the ircm brought it down to 178 quick but the upper radiator hose was still hard as a rock. Guess I need to keep purging it like that for a while. Just wish it wasn't 95 deg outside for all of this.
    The upper hose always gets rock hard at operating temperature. Perfectly normal and has nothing to do with air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Neibert View Post
    What fan are you using ? Any trick wiring or override switches ? Have you done anything with the MAF wiring, related to the meth injection controller ?

    Took it for another 10 mile drive never got above 186 and the fans are stock and I know now that they are functional. Seems as though air in the system and a bad ircm was my problem but the only way I am going to know is by driving it lol.
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