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Thread: The fantastic 92 SonySc for sale

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    The fantastic 92 SonySc for sale

    As I have just turned 75 this last year I am getting a little too old to be hanging under the hood of my 92 SonySC.

    Original Sony XES 5 amp system for sale - the car is free.

    Item(s) for Sale:

    Original 1991 Sony XES complete digital stereo system by Sony of New Jersey, Includes XES P1,X1, T1, 4 M1 Amps, M3 amp, 12 speakers all installed in the original Sony Show Car used in audio car shows fro 1991 to 1995, i/e the Sony Thunderbird SC. Buy the system and the car is free!

    The system has been reviewed and some items repaired by Chris Lewis of Pyramid Audio and also Mitch Solomon (

    $3500 Note: this includes my 92 T Bird Supercoupe, originally owned by Sony Corp of New Jersey that has been my personal hobby vehicle for the past ten years. I has a blueprinted 3.8 liter blown v6 , a 4R70W new Lincon AOD trans, aluminum driveshaft, and Lincoln 8.8 Aluminum 373/1 rear differential. 2000Mustang drilled rotor front brakes, double intercooler and modified M90 supercharger with custom 15% overdrive pulley, and mid length Kooks headers with custom exhaust.

    Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
    Must be picked up in Danville, CA or special shipping arranged. Contact:
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