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Thread: Sam Malone's Thunderbird

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    Sam Malone's Thunderbird

    I wonder if Sam knows his Thunderbird is on these t-shirt's this company is selling?
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    not sure but man they look good!

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    What car? I didn't see an SC in the listing

    But seriously, I doubt he does.

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    Well, I'll be darned! I suppose they might want a current picture of the old 'Bird to upgrade their shirts. Guessing they wouldn't use it in its current state though!

    While flattering that someone thought my SC was T-Shirt worthy, I doubt that there is much I can do to either be compensated or have that individual stop producing T-shirts with my SC on it. Unfortunately, that is the problem with placing pictures out on the internet...they become part of the public domain, even if they are copyrighted, which mine are not.

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    Well, I may be able to do something. It appears that they took the image from motortopia and if I am not mistaken, are then covered by a copyright. Therefore, he may have to stop using them, or at least pay for the use of them which could negate his entire profit margin...

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    Very cool. Dont know if you have a recourse as it likely would cost more to presue it than its worth.


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    I agree with Ken.

    I would ask for a bunch of T's. That would be cool!

    Beautiful car!

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