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Thread: Parting out THREE 93 Tbirds: black wheel, window sweep/trim, axles, sunvisors + more

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    Parting out THREE 93 Tbirds: black wheel, window sweep/trim, axles, sunvisors + more

    Since SCCOA significantly limits the # of pictures per post, please visit my thread for pictures.


    Update 9/28/14: I'm giving a bunch of the items to my friend Dan (SCTbird1994 on TCCOA / ddubb on SCCOA).
    Most of the rest of the items are on eBay or will be scrapped.

    If you want anything, please let me know the following via PM:
    • what you are looking for via PM
    • how much you think is fair for that item including shipping and
    • your shipping address.

    I will be happy to take additional pics of any item in question.

    If the price is workable for me, we'll have a deal. I'm not here to make a profit; I just want to help defray my Lemons racing budget and if you can get a decent price on parts you need, it's a win-win. As you can see, I have a 100% positive feedback here for transactions. I believe in proper packaging of items I sell (newspaper is not a padding material) and I ship promptly. Finally, I'm NOT interested in cheating anyone here so if there are any issues with the part, just contact me and we can work things out.

    Thanks for looking at my ad.

    Items I Still Have Personally
    - Driver and Passenger side Grey Cloth Sunvisors from car w/ sunroof (approx 16" long). Slight wear at one corner (see pic 3) where it looks like there was some velcro-based adhesive that was removed.
    - Driver and Passenger side Blue-Grey Cloth Sunvisors from car w/ sunroof (approx 16" long). Small pinpick in corner (see pic 1)
    - Black Rear 3rd Brake Light cover
    - Grey Rear 3rd Brake Light cover
    - Grey Rear Driver and Passenger side speaker covers
    - Passenger Manual Seat Sliders / Seat Tracks
    - Black Driver door handle cups: driver side has all tabs INTACT
    - Ashtrays: dash ashtray (Item F in Pic) and (2 units) ashtray from rear of center console (Item G in Pic)
    - Black Steering wheel
    - (1) Wiper/Turn Signal stalk with hazard button #F2SC-13K359-AA
    - (1) Premium Sound System Amplifier #F2VF-18T805-AA
    - (1) Ride Control ECU catchcode "R5BA" #F1SF-18B008-BA. With pigtail. NOTE: Since its the same female plug/case as an ECU, you could probably use this for a megasquirt case
    - (2) 93-94 Ford Power Steering Module (speed sensitive control system mounted to top of trunk) Lectron #F1SC-3F712-AB (Item A in Pic) see
    - (2) PRM Passive Restraint Module (ECU for Automatic Seatbelt System) #F2SB-14A679-AA (Item B in Pic)
    - (2) Driver's Seat Control Switches #F3DB-14A701-AA
    - (1) 91-93 Tbird 5.0 Mechanical Fan Shroud part#F1SE-8146-AG. Some small scuffs but no cracks. Biggest issue will be shipping (box will be big).
    - (1) automatic Brake Pedal Assembly
    - (2) Accelerator Pedals
    - Smog Air Pump Check Valve Part #E9VE-9A487-AB
    - (2) Rear Axles from a 93 Thunderbird 5.0
    - (2) sets Sunroof switch/dome light assembly + wiring
    - Sunroof motor
    - Blue/Grey Sunroof motor access panel
    - (2) Sets Rubber Window Trim / Molding (4pcs/set): this keeps the window centered in the door. Great condition.
    - Rubber Molding Set: around each door, around trunk, and to seal cowl hood

    Stuff to Check with Dan (SCTbird1994 on TCCOA / ddubb on SCCOA)
    - (2) complete sets of Switches: side view mirror switch, Driver's side window switch pair, and (2) door lock / passenger side window switches
    - Gauge Cluster Surround Trim
    - Pass Side Dash Vent
    - Driver Side Dash Vent
    - (3) Center Dash Vent, Cig Lighter, and Radio Hutch Assembly
    - Radio surround: carefully extracted from dash
    - (3) Black triangle plastic trim pieces that hold the interior window trim in place on the inside near the side view mirrors
    - Plastic trim over light switch
    - Plastic square trim to replace VMM opening
    - (2) Illuminated Entry Module (from behind driver's wheel well in trunk) #E3AB-13C718-AA (Item C in Pic)
    - (3) 93-94 Automatic Seatbelt Chime Module #F23B-10D840-AA (Item D in Pic)
    - (1) Power Window Safety Relay #F1SB-14A672-AA
    - (1) Defrost Button
    - (1) Electronic Climate Control Panels
    - (2) Antenna Switch (pic item M4)
    - (3) units Cruise Control Amplifier (random tan/beige box underneath blower -- pic item M1)
    - (2) Wiper Control Module Part # E6EB-14A624-AA (pic item M2)
    - (1) Wiper Relay Module #E9SF-17c476-AM
    - (2) Turn Signal Relay/Flasher mfg by Denso Part #E80B-13350-AA (pic item M3)
    - (2) A/C Compressor Clutch Relay #E7SB-13A025-A2A (left of radio underneath steering wheel - Item H)
    - (1) Fan Control Module #F6H-19E624-AC
    - A/C Compressor for 5.0 engine + connecting hose that attached to the back of the compressor
    - (2) Set rear dust shields
    - Parking Shiftlock Cable for 1993 Thunderbird
    - Parking Shiftlock Cable for 1995 Thunderbird
    - Black Trim: bottom footwell kickpanel pair
    - Grey Trim: bottom footwell kickpanel pair
    - Blue/Grey Rear Seat Coat Hanger Points
    - (2) Front Sway Bars w/ bushings and clamps: 1.06" solid according to table (confirmed diameter of both with calipers)
    - (1) Front Sway Bar w/ bushings and clamps from 93 SC: 1.1" solid according to table (confirmed diameter to 1.098" with calipers)
    - (2) Rear Sway Bars from 93 5.0 tbirds: 0.94" solid according to table (measured .95" with calipers)
    - (1) Rear Sway bar from 93 SC: 0.90" solid according to table (measured .90" with calipers)
    - (2) Rear Corner Lamps. Red on the bottom (no dark stripe)
    - (2) Interior Gauge Cluster Surround
    - (8) Hubcaps - for early style 15" Fanblade wheels or for SC 16" wheels [same part #]
    - Sunroof interior trim trim around inside and metal u shaped rod that holds the headliner down
    - Black sunroof shade/cover panel
    - Grey sunroof shade/cover panel
    - Rear driver and passenger tail lights (panels on trunk)
    - Rear driver and passenger side front turn signal lights
    - (2) Sets Silver Passenger & Driver Side Rear view Mirrors w/ connectors
    - Black Passenger & Driver Side Rear view Mirrors w/ connectors
    - Hood Latch and release assembly
    - (2) Tail Reflector Lights
    - (1) Driver's Side Corner Tail Lights & (1) Passenger Side Corner Tail Lights



    - (1) Anti-theft Module #F2VF-19A366-AA - SOLD
    - Grey Trim on dash: includes ambient temp sensor - SOLD
    - Black glovebox: latch mechanism is busted but front looks good; can separate and ship just this part - SCRAPPED
    - Blue glovebox: latch mechanism works just fine. - SOLD
    - Pair Grey Sunvisor Plastic holding clips - SCRAPPED
    - Sun Visor Clip Attachment points - SCRAPPED
    - (1) Driver Side Automatic Seatbelt motors - SOLD
    - (1) CD Player - SOLD
    - Black Rear Seats (top and bottom) - SCRAPPED
    - sunroof glass itself with seal (doesn't leak) - SCRAPPED
    - sunroof tracks - SCRAPPED
    - Pair of Front non-Sport (confirmed via rotor size) Brake Calipers (can probably ship cost effectively via USPS flat rate box) - SCRAPPED
    - Blue Steering Wheel - SOLD
    - (2) Driver's Side interior rubber track w/ belt female clip. No tears in rubber inner belt track. - SOLD
    - (1) Passenger Side interior rubber track w/ belt female clip. No tears in rubber inner belt track. - SOLD
    - Spare tire hold down - SCRAPPED
    - (1) Remote Keyless Entry Module #F39F-15K602-AC - SOLD
    - (3) Steering Columns - SOLD
    - 93 tbird owners manual - SOLD
    - Black center console - SOLD
    - (2 of 2) smog pump - SOLD
    - Black front seats - SCRAPPED
    - Headlight Switch (pic item M5) - SOLD
    - Black Driver and Passenger's Interior Door Panels: not including switch covers - SOLD
    - Trunk carpet lining: SOLD
    (1) Pair of Front spindles - SOLD
    (1) Driver side seatbelt inner track - SOLD
    (2) Climate Control units - SOLD
    (1) Pair of rear UCAs - SOLD
    1st VMM - SOLD
    (1 of 2) 5.0 EGR tube - SOLD
    (1) 8.8" Pinion Flange - SOLD
    (2) Sunroof Motors - SOLD
    (3) Fog light assemblies - SOLD
    F&R Dust Shields/set - SOLD
    Pair of Black Window Switch Panels - SOLD
    (4) more wheels/tires - SOLD
    Blue Seat belt set - SOLD
    Black - Driver & Passenger side Rear Armrests - SOLD
    Black Package Shelf Cover - SOLD
    Black A-Pillars - SOLD
    Rubber surround around doors - SOLD
    Black console top - SOLD
    (2) Black Sun Visor Clips - SOLD
    (2) Black coathanger clips - SOLD
    (2 of 3) Windshield Wiper Stalk Switch - SOLD
    Driver Side Seatbelt Motor (1 of 2) - SOLD
    A/C Compressor (1 of 2) - SOLD
    Rear View Mirror Switch (1 of 2) - SOLD
    - Dash/Gauge Cluster Trim Panel w/ buttons - SOLD
    - Blue/Grey center console armrest - SOLD
    - AOD Transmission - SOLD
    - Cruise Control Servo 2 - SOLD
    - New Header Panel - SOLD
    - Blue Seating from Tbird 2 - SOLD
    - Blue/Grey Interior door panels from Tbird 2 - SOLD
    - Driver's Seat motor from Tbird #1 (pictured above) - SOLD
    - Driver and Passenger front side turn/park signal lights: fits 89-95 (Brand New in Box) - SOLD
    - Air (smog) pump crossover pipe - SOLD
    - Both Traction Lok Units - SOLD
    - Throttle kickdown (TV) Cable 2 - SOLD
    - Black Speaker Covers *- SOLD
    - Black Sunroof Motor Access Panel - SOLD
    - Black Sun visors - SOLD
    - Driver's side Black Seat Side Panel - SOLD
    - TV Cable: SOLD
    - Traction Lok Unit - SOLD
    - Black Rear Carpet floormats - small eraser sized worn spot (not a hole) on one mat - SOLD
    - Black Seat Belt Set and rear covers - SOLD
    - (1) Set of Center caps for 15" fanblades (set of 4) - SOLD
    - (1) Set of 15" Fanblade wheels & tires - SOLD
    - Driver and Passenger front headlights: fits 89-93 - SOLD
    - Driver and Passenger front side turn/park signal lights: fits 89-95 used - SOLD
    - Digital Gauge Cluster & Pigtail - SOLD
    - (1) Ford 8.8" Rear Diff Cover/Brace - UNAVAIL
    - Stock 5.0 Front spring/strut assembly - UNAVAIL
    - 5.0 Engine: keeping (will post unnecessary components for sale as I pull them off) - UNAVAIL
    - Interior Carpet - UNAVAIL
    - Engine harness - UNAVAIL
    - ECU / PCM (main computer) - UNAVAIL
    - Engine mounts/brackets - UNAVAIL
    - Exhaust manifolds - UNAVAIL
    - (2) Throttle cables - UNAVAIL
    - PS lines - UNAVAIL
    - (1) Set Front Upper Control Arms - UNAVAIL
    - 1st AOD transmission: SCRAPPED (bad) - UNAVAIL
    - Rear 3rd Brake Light - UNAVAIL
    - Windshield Wiper Assembly
    - (both) Window cowl
    - (both) Rear window surround trim
    - (2 sets) Front fenders
    - (2) Radiators
    - Rear trunklid
    - Rear IRS bits: axles, lower control arms
    - Stock radio & speakers: fell apart or scrapped
    - Emergency Brake Assembly
    - HVAC Blower Assembly
    - Rear IRS bits: Subframe
    - A/C Condenser
    - (2) Automatic transmission Shifter assemblies (cover is loose) - SCRAPPED

    93 SuperCoupe Parts NOT AVAIL
    - (1) Neutral Balance Flywheel #RF-E9SR-6380-DA from 93 SC - needs resurfacing but Dan says he's seen far worse. No visible cracks. - SOLD
    - All Seat Trim Panels - SOLD
    - Sideskirts - SOLD
    - (2) Rear upper control arms (UCAs) - SOLD
    - (1) M5R2 transmission harness from 93 SC - NOT AVAIL
    - (1) M5R2 hydraulic clutch line - SOLD
    - (1) Premium Radio: missing balance knob - SOLD
    - Pair of rear SC axles and spindles - SOLD
    - Grey Passenger side "Premium" Door Cup: all three tabs intact - SOLD
    - Grey Driver side Door Cup: broken bottom tab - SOLD
    - Blue/Grey Driver & Passengers Door Lock/Window Switch Panels - SOLD
    - (1) VMM from 93 SC (has a push button and BOTH tabs intact) - SOLD
    - Emergency Brake Handle + cable - SOLD
    - Aftermarket Suspension Techniques spring set (front and rear) - SOLD
    - Transmission coverplate/shifter boot - SOLD
    - Clutch Pedal + Skinny Brake Pedal - SOLD
    - (1) Set L-Brackets/L-Braces. still carpet covered. includes the bolts - SOLD
    - Rear folddown seat - SOLD
    - Grey door switch panels - SOLD
    - Manual console stop - SOLD
    - Any engine/SC parts. Original owner wants them back - UNAVAIL
    - M5R2 Transmission - UNAVAIL
    - Rear Pkg Shelf - UNAVAIL
    - Front Seat Parts (missing) - UNAVAIL
    - Seat Belts (busted/worn/nasty) - UNAVAIL
    - Rear Seat bottom cushion - UNAVAIL
    - Grey Glovebox (nasty) - UNAVAIL
    - Center Console Armrest top (broken) - UNAVAIL
    - Front Lights/Headlamps - UNAVAIL

    Parts I still have myself...

    I just added high-res pics of the great condition window trim I pulled from all three California cars.
    HIRES Images may be found here:

    Check with DDUBB as I gave him these parts

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    door panels

    im curious if you could find out how much it would cost to ship the door panels to 14767

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    how much for the 5.0L motor mounts and brackets? PM me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BENNIE_FORD View Post
    im curious if you could find out how much it would cost to ship the door panels to 14767
    The problem with shipping the panels is their overall size -- not the weight.
    Even with a minimum of padding, the pkg will hit UPS's oversized and USPS large (first level of oversized pkg): 46" x 22" x 5". 12LB each panel, approx 14-15 fully dressed for shipment.

    UPS oversized = not cost effective to ship.
    USPS large pkg = cost effective to ship but only a panel at a time. Approx $35 from 94043 to 14767 is ~$35 parcel post (clear across the country). USPS's balloon rate gets triggered when you try and combine both panels into a single package

    I'm willing to sell the panels for ~$30/ea (less than shipping) w/o the window switch panel and door cups. Any less and it wouldn't be worth the effort for me to find the necessary large panels of cardboard to construct a protective pkg. You'll have to decide if it's cost effective for you; it may be worth it to find someone slightly closer or best yet, in pickup distance.

    Please turn on your PM functionality if you'd like to discuss this further with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycaon1349 View Post
    how much for the 5.0L motor mounts and brackets? PM me!!
    Sorry but I'm keeping the engine mounts. The whole purpose of bothering to part out two tbirds was to get their engine assemblies for my track car -- not make a profit. I will update my NOT Available list.


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    alright somebody help how do i turn on my pm option ?

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    I think you need 10 posts to get involved.


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    thanks have to wait and see then

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    did your car have the preminum sound in it and are you parting them components out ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BENNIE_FORD View Post
    did your car have the preminum sound in it and are you parting them components out ?
    Sorry, no premium sound components in car #1. I haven't looked at car #2's stereo. I have Car #2's at its final resting place (my friend Dan's house) but I wont' be able to disassemble it for another few weekends because of some previous plans (camping with friends one weekend, bachelor party for another good friend on the next).

    I'm not sure about any limitations but just to confirm if you can send emails/PMs:
    Under the control panel ("User CP" on top bar), make sure the following options are set.
    Under "Settings / Options" (left side)
    * Enable Private Messaging - CHECKED
    * Receive PMs only from Contacts and Moderators - UNCHECKED
    * Receive Notification of Private Messages - CHECKED (my recommendation)

    You can them PM me your email address/phone and we can sync up about any parts you may want.


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    ok thanks i will check that

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    I finished parting out my SECOND 5.0 tbird (I wanted an engine and a spare for lemons racing) so I have a bunch more parts in my garage now.

    I've updated the text listing above as well as all my pics on the TCCOA thread -- most all the items I have are listed but if you need anything else and you don't see it on the UNAVAILABLE list, please don't hesitate to PM me here or on TCCOA (both will send an email instantly to me).

    Thanks again for looking at my ad and supporting my lemons racing efforts.

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    Looking for the coolant that available? How much shipped to 80234?


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    Any problems with your semi-auto seatbelts?
    I have both the motors and the inner rubber belts I'd be happy to sell you.

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    price shipped to 94010 for black a pillar trim pieces both sides, both black sun visor retainer clips, and the black center console top as long as it is not cracked where the screws go to the hinge.

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