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Thread: SCCoA under new management

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    SCCoA under new management

    Effective May 1, 2013 the ownership of SCCoA and all of its assets (excluding the AWD SC), have been transferred from George Davenport to David Neibert and Pat DiPersia.

    If all goes to plan this transition will be completely seamless for SCCoA members and the non-members. We have numerous plans for improvements to the SCCoA website and the Forums that we will announce at a later date. Until then pretty much everything will remain the same, except that Pat and myself will be the administrators.

    At this point we are still in a state of transition and ask that you allow us a week or two to get our ducks in a row. Without getting real specific, the general plan is that I will be the person who interfaces with club members and represents SCCoA and Pat will be the guy behind the curtain pulling all the levers to make everything work.

    If you have specific questions or comments about the change of ownership for me, Pat or George, please feel free to post them here and we will do our best to answer them.

    Thanks, David
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    Congrats on the new ownership, looking forward to another chapter in club history.
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    Congratulations.....interesting times ahead for the club.
    Brian Oatway
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    Only been here a little while....but I love this forum....great work

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    Congrats David and Pat on the purchase. Looking forward to the future.

    Thanks to Duffy and George for keeping the site going as long as they did. Despite the flaws this has still been a great site to visit over the years and has made my SC ownership more enjoyable.

    John Ludorf

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    Change in SCCoA Ownership

    Well, thats it; I quit!!

    Actually, thanks Dave and Pat for taking this on and keeping it going. It is members like you guys that make this club really cool.

    Also, as John just said, thanks to Duffy and George for all the work, commitment and care they gave to the SCCoA for as long as they did.


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    congrats look forward to things ahead and if you need any help with anything just shoot me a message and would be glad to be of any assistance.

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    Wonderful news.

    I also echo what everyone else has said about Duffy and George and their contributions to our club for so many years.
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    I am happy to see a new direction for the club and I beleive the new leaders are perfect for this change. Looking forward to progress and I think you guys will make it so


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    And let's not forget Ron and Fraser, as well. It was a team effort, and will continue to be. Looking forward to getting dirty!

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    Awesome!! Maybe we can update Sc of the month

    On a serious note can we PLEASE get a Kentuckianna (Kentucky/Indiana) chapter!!
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    I'm brand new here, but I have found this site very informative even for someone like me who can barely change a tire. I'm learning something every time I log on.

    Congrats to the new management , and thank you to the prior management for all your efforts.

    It's especially cool that someone in my area is part of the new management. I live in Granite City Illinois, five minute from Gateway International Speedway.

    I sure would love to get together with knowledgeable folks such as Dave N. and others in my area so that I may learn about my coupe.

    I'm not a current dues paying member, but I think as soon as I can get my SC back on the road, l will join.

    Congrats again!

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    Looking forward to the site growing. Many thanks to George, Duffy, Ron and Fraser for the years of service.
    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    So does that mean i'm not getting the club stickers I mailed in for like 2 months ago?

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    I look forward to seeing the great ideas you guys have for the club. Best of luck.


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