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Thread: Have to part with my 89 cougar xr7

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    Have to part with my 89 cougar xr7

    Well, the time has come and sadly I just don't have the time to work on this car like I use to. I had planned on it being a fun day driver but it just never happened. So here's the breakdown ...

    The good : all less than 500 miles on 'em
    new motor with moly rings, SVO 1.73 rockers, 94/95 oil pump, ported heads, upgraded blower, etc
    new TC, 2400 B&M
    new trans, factory build, nothing fancy
    brand new tires (Potenza's)
    maint stuff : new headlights, new rotors/pads, brake system bled, etc.

    The bad : won't hold an idle, has to be vacuum but I can't find it.
    the interior is some what rough, burn marks on the seat from previous owners

    The ugly : the body. Bad paint, some rust spots from being an ohio car. Was hit where the antenna is before I got it. I also got a replacement fender that I just didn't get around to installing.

    some of the pictures from back when can be seen here

    since it doesn't run, I'm just looking for best offer and I'm dead serious about selling it lady might kill me and since we have a garage now, she wants her space

    Car is located in Woodstock, GA not far off 92. And please, email me at my username @ gmail.

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    PM me your asking price.

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    pm sent -- sorry I don't check the boards very often

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